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Question on GTX 480. Need more help. Again.

So I was looking at the 560 ti and 7850. But then I found people telling me that the gtx 480 is a lot cheaper and better than all of them? Is that true? Can it max skyrim and bf3 at 30fps+?
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  1. What are your specs? a 480 will use more power and run hotter. Skyrim use a little more cpu punch than most games.
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    i would not dare to get a GTX 480 as it sucks a lot of power and produces tremendous heat compared to the HD 7850. the HD 7850 is the best bang for your buck as it uses less power, stays cooler, and ocs great for more performance
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  4. It is true that the 480 is better than a 7850 it better stock vs stock as well as oc vs oc the 480 runs a bit hot and consumes more power so i wouldn't recommend it nor would i recommend a 7850 i would suggest a gtx 570 I'd go with the 570. The 7850 and 570 are very close in terms of performance, except in a few titles where the 570 has a comfortable lead.

    Uploaded with GTX 570 is around 12% faster than HD 7850 and costs same now
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