AMD Radeon 6650M vs NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M for d gaming?

Which would offer higher fps levels? Which is the better option? Thanks!
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  1. I don't know if this is reliable enough but I always check this website
    (just use ctrl+F)
    The 630M has a score of 779 and the 6650M a 730.
    So they pretty much equal to each other.
    I don't know if the price differs, but I would go with the 630M, but just because I have a better experience with nvidia.

    Also on this site,
    it shows that there isn't really a difference.

    So, I'd say, pick the one with which you feel the most comfortable.
    Good luck.
  2. the 6650m and 630m are neck to neck essentially. If there is a difference, its like 1-2 fps.
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