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so ive never built a pc but i came into a radeon 6950 hd for free. the initial problem was that my psu didnt have enough wattage to boot it. so i dropped the 60 dollars on a cool gamer 980w. this is where the new problem comes in. cables. so the motherboard pin slot for the cpu is 4 pin 2x2 but the closest thing i have on the new psu is a 6 pin 2x3 plug... so im racking my brain about how to solve it. the ideas ive come up with so far are to swap everything EXCEPT the cpu over to the new psu and just run 2 of them leaving the cpu with its own 450w power supply. try to find a plug that will just have two extra slots off the cpu port. or lastly the one im dreading, wait til i buy EVERYTHING for the new build. i was hoping to kind of just upgrade it til i was at what i wanted as far as a computer....

anyways all suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. thanks!
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  1. $60 for a 980W supply? Thats sound wrong, a decent 550W would cost at least $60.
    What is the supply (brand and specific model)?

    The CPU power may be a 4+4pin connector, see which of the two will slot into the mobo.
  2. yeah, amazon. im sure the thing wont last terribly long but its more of a just to get everything going for now thing. i believe its a cool power gamer series 980w. the mobo has the right connector its just a 4 pin that i believe is designated for cpu power. but its literally a square containing 4 holes. nothing else near it.
  3. Some PSU's come with an 8pin or 4+4 connector that can support the older 8pin ATX design.
    Like this.

    Nowadays if a PSU will support it, they will get a 4+4pin connector that looks like this. Its just two disconnected 4pin connectors from the same cable.
    You should be able to plug one of the connectors into the 4pin slot on the motherboard.

    Looking at the supply it states that it has a 4+4 connector.

    Coolpower are not a very reliable brand, and the complete lack of info about the supply online doesn't bode well for it. No indication that its 80+ Certified (less than 80% efficient and voltage control is unknown) and no info on its amperage.
    The only reviews for it are on the Amazon page, which are hardly a reliable source since they confirm little more than it works.
    I would replace it and get a more reputable unit if I were you, cheap supply's from budget brands tend to die with a bang that take the rest of the rig with it.
  4. yeah i just saw i have a 4+4 and felt like an idiot. the issue with the mobo is the cpu isnt an 8pin. its literally a 4 pin. lol so idk how to handle that aspect.

    as for the psu, im having to do an extreme budget build right now. in between jobs is making it hard to get the gaming rig up and ready, but eventually ill replace it. i was looking at a corsair 1600w. haha no real reason to have it other than for future basis.
  5. Theres no reason for 1600W outright, not even possible to get parts that could suck up that much power.

    A good 550W will support any single card rig just fine.
  6. so a few more questions. youve been super helpful dude, i appreciate it. i finally got back into town and was devastated when i didnt have a 4 pin. also the box has full specs if you want ill type em out for you, if not i understand, cheapy brands, explosive goods. lol and on the 1600w, can you honestly ever have toooo much power? ;p super computer.

    1)can i hooke the 8 pin (4+4) into the 4 pin cpu somehow?

    2) how do i give rep on here or whatever, youve definitely earned some of that.
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    Having too much power can be bad actually. 80+ standard only applies between 20 and 100% load. 20% of 1600W is 320W. So if you drawing under 320W (which you should be doing quite easily at idle), your power efficiency is probably going to tank and your voltages may stray out of 80+ spec. Pretty bad for your power bill and lifespan of the components.
    Also a supply that powerful will cost a ton, you could invest the money into a stronger GPU or something with tangible benefits.

    There should be a table somewhere that details the amperage on the various rails. What does it it say about the 12v rail(s)?
    If its a good 1000W supply it should be ~83A all up, though I suspect it will be less than that.

    One of the 4+4 connectors will plug into the 4pin on the mobo. The other will just be there being useless.

    There isnt a direct reputation system on these forums, just points that will give status' (like my Addict status, which is pretty accurate actually...). You can select one of my answers as "Best Answer" which will give me about 30 points I believe.
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  9. ouch. 32a.

    i selected as best answer. thanks again man. really helped, im sure ill be back with dumb questions but as for now, im going to finish this episode of walking dead and start plugging stuff in to see if i can get it in tonight. thanks dude!
  10. I suspect you just paid $60 for a 400W with a big sticker on it. Such is the problem with cheap supplies.
    Are there multiple 12v rails or just the one? or is that 32A all of them added up (then you have seriously been ripped off)?

    Nice, love The Walking Dead.
    Doesn't air over here in Australia, still waiting for a good copy to legitimately appear online so I can see it.
  11. 2 rails
  12. ill pm you a link so you can watch TWD.
    im sure streaming on here is frowned upon. also

    heres a list of the boxes wording.
    seperate 12v rails
    1 20+4 pin
    1 4+4
    1 6+2 pcie
    1 6 pcie
    6 satas
    6 peripheral
    2 floppy
    as far as watt specs

    3.3v and 5v
    25a 25a

    rails 1 and 2 for 12v

    32a each
    768 watt



    dunno if that helps you with wether or not i got screwed but theres the boxes info.

    and i want to move to australia so bad. your guyses government runs alot more effectively than ours (USA) your country has a "dont like us? leave" mentality from what ive read. the only things i dislike about your country are their high censorship on tv and gaming. oh, and their gun laws. lol
  13. Not screwed too badly if the supply can actually output the amps it claims.

    Haha, efficient government?
    The current political elections are turning more and more American into style, constant mud slinging and publicity campaigns rather than actual policy being made.

    The censorship in gaming is actually going to be alleviated next year when the R18+ rating finally is put in place. TV not so sure about, since I don't really have anything to compare too.
    It is possible to get a gun here, just have to jump through a lot more hoops than over in America. But I guess its justified since gun crime is almost unheard of here, while it seems there's another shooting in America every 2nd week.
  14. yeah by efficient government i mean you guys keep to yourself unlike my damn country. the rich old white money is just gunghoe for war. i love our troops but i cant stand that these dumb politicians keep throwing us into senseless war. its no wonder the rest of the world frowns on us.

    and thats good news! i always felt guilty playing awesome games like silent hill and resident evil knowing that places like aus couldnt. hahaha

    every government eventually turns to ***. its a cycle bud. luckily you guys have a few more years before us ;p

    and as far as guns go, i just refuse to die by the hand of another. if its theirs or mine, im going to be walking away from it. so. lol
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