Triple monitor setup displaying wrong resolution! god help me! :)

hello everyone, i have never used a forum before so please excuse me if im asking this question in the wrong area of the site.... im praying someone can give me some ideas!!

i have an alienware aurora r3 desktop with 2 amd radeon 6800's ..... i have a triple monitor setup, i do not use eyefinity i prefer to have three seperate desktops for photoshop and such... anyways, for the last year or so everything has been fine, until i unhooked everything for a move... once i hooked the monitors back up they were all out of wack and ONE of my monitors would only display at 1600x1200 and it should be at 1920x1280.... and it wouldnt give me the option to change it. its easier for you to understand ill tell you my exact setup the monitor on the left is a viewsonic va2431 1920x1080 center monitor is a samsung with a 1900x1200 res......and the right monitor is another viewsonic va2431 at 1920x1080. they are all hooked up via dv-i cable except for the center monitor its using a dvi to display port converter. this has been working just fine for over a year but once i hooked everything back up and also some windows updates installed everything went out of wack, all of my amd drivers and stuff are up to date as well as catalyst control center (which i despise) but ive tried everything i can think of and eventually i can get the monitors somehow back to the res they are supposed to be running at.... but once it goes to sleep or something when it wakes they are messed up again, when i check my devices sometimes it will actually give the names of the monitors and other times they will be listed as generic pnp or non pnp monitors.... i kinda feel like maybe there are too many drivers and it doesnt know which ones to use (that probably sounds awfully limp but idk). and sometimes the monitors will wake at the wrong res then.. if i LET the computer go back to sleep upon waking again they will display correctly and i get an error saying display drivers have crashed and recovered. but its a total crapshoot whether they will work or not and ive tried fixing it through the amd software and also windows

so sorry for the super LOOONG question but im hoping someone can help me out... i know a good amount about computers but this glitch is beyond me...and i cant bear to pay the jokers at geeksquad 200 bucks!

any ideas would be so greatly appreciated

thanks -mike
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  1. also guys, i did restore my computer to a previous point when the monitors were functioning correctly.... and go
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