How much power can I really save ?

I was wondering how much power I can really save with my 4 monitors setup .
Whatever videocard(s) I choose, in order to have 4 dvi conections for my monitors I will have to use abaut the same power .
For example power consumption for bellow cards alone ( info from ) :

- HD4850x2 ( 4 dvi connections) alone use 73 W idle and 180 W loaded.
-HD6870 alone ( 4 monitor connections) = 20 W idle / 162 W loaded.
- 2 cheaper cards HD 4670 uses alone 9 W idle and 70 W loaded . x2 cards for my case = 20W /140 W.

So I will save around 50 W per hour with 2 HD 4670 but the system performance will be much much worst . In my case ( 8 hours/day of use / 22 days ) I will save around 9 Kw/month with HD 4670, which is 1euro in my country.
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  1. I think you answered your own question :) ... you don't really save THAT much money by caring a ton about power draw.

    Are you planning on playing games at triple screen resolution?

    If you're not really planning on playing games and just want a card to drive 4 monitors with low power use, I'd suggest something like a 7770:

    or even the 7750, which is one of the most power efficient cards on the market:
  2. Actually I have 4 monitors , I use them for trading , I use 4 internet live video feeds + 4 websites autorefreshed with data + 4 applications with charts. I dont know what I really need ,large bandwith or more ram memory. My old 3870x2 (4 x dvi ) was doing well but its dead.
  3. If you're not gaming, one of those entry level 7xxx series cards will do just fine for you IMO. Just gotta find one with outputs you like.
  4. Why should I buy any of those if hd3870x2 its half price,4 dvi , and much more powerfull ?
  5. Well you said you wanted low power and you don't play games... so how powerful the card is doesn't matter and the 7xxx series cards will draw less power.

    If you have needs other than low power + drive 4 monitors running basic applications, you should say so. But from what you've posted, you don't need any more power than the 7750 offers.
  6. I was missunderstand. My point of view was that saving 1-2/euro /month doesnt worth it compare with much higher performance those hd3870,hd4850 gives.
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