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G'day Everyone, I just build a new desktop computer, with a little help, for the first time, with gaming in mind, when I first turned it on I had some issues but it was just forgetting to give the hard drive a power cable and trying to boot from my crysis cd, but I got it working. There is now a very specific problem that I can't fix for the life of me. After returning from a holiday my pc seemed to boot fine but there was no display output. So I changed which cord I was using and it started working, I played around for a while and it froze while I was on Steam. I turned it off after waiting 5 min for it to unfreeze and it had the same issue, only this time removing the USB keyboard seemed to fix it. It continued crashing and booting to a blank screen very time I seemed to fix it, anothr site said the drivers were the issue, so I managed to boot Safe mode and uninstall them, and restarted.

Here's where I'm stuck, the screen proceeded to flash the ASUS bios logo (z77) twice, go to another ASUS motherboard screen telling my my keyboard was unplugged, and then told me windows was loading files.

Then it crashed AGAIN and now the diplay won't work no matter how much I try. The majority was assembled by me and checked by a friend who works for IBM, and the hard drive and disk drivenwere installed by me.

The system runs 64bit Win7 ultimate, and has the following hardware.

ASUS Z77 motherboard
8 gb ripjaw g skill ram
Gainward gtx 570
i7 2600k
A 620W psu
Nothing has been overclocked or tweaked at all, all components are brand new.
Please help me, I spent 1200 dollars on all this and need it fixed for work and all important gaming.

Sincere thanks

Sorry if once again I have the wrong category, but this problem could be caused by a number of things as far as I can tell.
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  1. Follow this troubleshooting guide and report back.

    Also what PSU do you have?
  2. Thanks for replying, the psu is the stock 620w (not 630) Neo Eco psu. I will troubleshoot in the morning :)
  3. Ok I tried the troubleshooting guide, and did absolutely everything exept resetting CMOS, and I obviously ruled out some of the obvious ones, as the cards and things are all duly seated, should I try the CMOS reset?
  4. I should end this now, the problem was in fact due to the ram, but even though I tested it a few times, with each individual stick, and reseated it, it didn't work, as soon as someone else did it for me, it worked :pt1cable: case closed.
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