From LCD 20'' to 24''...should i change also the other components?

Hi all,

I am about to change my monitor from a 20'' (1680x1050) to a 24'' (1900x1200).

I noticed that in the benchmark the frame rate drops by 15% average, with that resolution difference.

Do you think i should upgrade also CPU/MB/GPU ?

This is my present config:

Asus P5B
Core 2 DUO E8500 3,16Ghz
AMD radeon 5850
3 GB Ram

In case, i was thinking of upgrading to:

ASUS p8p67
Intel i5-2500
Nvidia GTX660.

thanks for any comments or simply your point of view
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  1. that won't effect you unless you play games, do you? if so you could just upgrade the graphics card, but you would experience a bottleneck (the cpu wouldn't be fast enough for the gpu.) in most scenarios, so then you would have to pretty much change your whole setup if you want the most that you can get from your pc.
  2. yes, apologize, i did not specify it...i only play games ;)
    Yes, that CPU, as good as it still is, would still be a bottle neck, especially cuz today games are relying more and more on CPU to run smooth...

    Anyway i will try to see how it goes...what do you think of the proposed new configuration?
  3. thats a great rig, my only criticism is that you can get the i5 2500k for a few $/£ more and that would provide you with an unlocked multiplier for future overclocking if you wanted to.
  4. also make sure you have an adequate power supply as you wouldn't want to damage your components.
  5. yes, probably i would go with the "K" version...power supply is a very good 550W so it will not be a problem...thanks for the advise ;)

    I think gtx 660 consumes less power than 5850 and also the CPU, being a smaller technolgy should consume less it should be stable.

    Probably i will just lower the graphic details a little just to keep the frame rate the end 15% is something i would notice. If i lower the details i might make it become 5-10%...
  6. yes, the 5850 takes roughly around 10 more watts than the 660, the 660 is more powerful anyway. and in most games you wont need to lower details with a 660.
  7. yeah, that's another option, i could upgrade only the GPU...and then maybe in the future change the rest...but i would have to stay sometime with the CPU bottleneck.
  8. that's not too much of a problem as it wont damage any of the components or anything else and you will only really experience around 10% lower framerates.
  9. what about i5 3570k (same price as the i5 2500k) and AMD 7870 instead of gtx 660 (same price as well) ?
  10. THE 7870 is more powerful than the 660 and the 3570k is more powerful thank the 2500k, so go for it i guess.
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