Can't get gpu or on board graphics to work

Putting together a budget build for a friend, everything powers up fine, but i cant get graphics to display. The gpu is a nvidia geforce 8600gt and it worked fine when tested in another system. I only have one pci-e slot so I'm thinking maybe it's dead, but i don't know how to confirm that. Even if the pci-e slot is dead, I still wouldn't be able to explain why on board graphics don't work. I've removed the gpu, reset my cmos, tried two different monitors and I am still getting nothing. And I can't pinpoint the issue with bios beep codes because there is no speaker in the case. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Have you checked the cable you're using? Try using a different cable?
  2. Thanks for a fast reply! Yeah, I've tried two vga and two dvi, on both monitors. When I tested the gpu in my own system these cables were fully functional
  3. It's probably not the GPU, but the CPU or memory.
  4. I also tried one memory stick at a time in each slot and had no luck. The cpu and ram were fully functional two weeks ago, is there a way I can check whether or not they are functioning without testing them in another system? The ram is ddr3 and the cpu is am3+ and my test system is am2
  5. Sounds more like a memory problem indeed
  6. Okay, I'll see what I can do to get some ram asap thank you for your answers! If I resolve the issue soon I'll let you know
  7. Ooohhh! Must be a memory problem! I remember something similar happening to my old system. Check all of your RAMs individually! Try all of them one by one, and use only one slot to check. (Check all the memory using one specific slot)

    Usually when this memory thing occurs, the computer makes a beep noise! Isn't yours?
  8. Unfortunately the computer's internal speaker was removed for some reason, so when there are issues I cannot hear the beeps. I have tried each slot with each stick of ram with no success :(
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