TP-Link WN722N Not Showing In Connections Menu

Hey Guys

Another problem to wrap your heads around.

Just bought myself a TP-Link WN722N Wirless Adapter. Currently I have a Netgear WNA3100 connected which works fine but I to use the TP-Link to connect to a second network simultaneously.

Here's the problem.

The drivers installed just fine for the TP-Link adapter. Windows shows that its connected as a USB device (USB2.0 WLAN) and Network & Sharing Centre shows it is being "Wireless Network Connection 4"
(The Netgear one shows as "Wireless Network Connection 2")

However, when i try to use the TP-Link one to connect to a network, it doesn't show up in the "Network Connections" menu on the Taskbar, and when i disconnect the Netgear one it says that it can't find any wireless connections at all; note that "Network & Sharing Centre" still shows the TP-Link Adapter as being connected to the PC).

Anyone have any thoughts on how i can fix this?

Tried Reinstalling the TP-Link Software, updating it, etc. Restarted PC. Disabled Netgear connection. Physically Disconnected Netgear Adapter and still no luck.

Thanks Guys


I have some screenshots that i could e-mail if it helps
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  1. To clarify, i have heard that Windows 7 does not allow you to use two adapters to connect to the same network. I want to be able to connect to a seperate network on the second adapter if possible, or, at the very least, switch between the two adapters and connect to the networks seperately.

    i.e. Use the Netgear Adapter for one network, then switch to the TP-Link adapter to connect to a different network.

    Thanks again.
  2. I am having this same exact problem.
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