The Palit GTX 295's Worth?

Just purchased a Palit GTX 295 of a friend for $100.00AU.
I am building my first computer, I aimed at just being able to play Diablo 3 on high settings. (Doesn't seem like a huge task to accomplish)
Apparently after reading some forum posts on the d3 site, people are having massive issues with the card when playing blizzard games especially on d3.
Just wondering how much the card would probably go for on eBay or something. I figure I may as well just sell it and get a newer card. I would also save a bunch on the psu as well.
Could anyone tell me how much the card is probably worth. My friend is the first owner and it is in fully working condition.
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  1. looks like they really are not going for much more than you paid for it. the buy it now prices are much higher but they usually are. all of the auctions that are ending soon are around the $100 mark. If I were you I would stick with what you have and play with it for a while if it doesnt work out then sell it. Just bc others have had issues with the card and d3 doesnt mean you will
  2. I would just use the card and see what happens.
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