My pc turned off like it was unplugged and won't restart

Ok, so I was watching some youtube and then BAM my pc randomly turns off like it was unplugged I check the plugs it was all ok no loose plugs, so I pondered and pressed the power button then again nothing happend.

I left it over night thinking it was just overheating or something. I plugged the power cord back in and it did nothing, the fans did about half a rotation and stopped, yet again nothing happend after that.

My specs if they help.

CPU: Intel i5 3570k 3.4Ghz (No overclock) Ivy Bridge
PSU: Cooler Master RS550 (550w)
GPU: EVGA Gtx 550ti 2Gb
Ram: Corsair Vengence Ram 8Gb
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX

This was home built by my dad and I just over a week ago. It ran fine up until last night
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  1. Did you check the connections to see if everything was tight? You don't have a spare psu to try do you?
  2. I've checked the 24pin and the supplemental cpu power.
    And unfortunatly no :(
  3. The PSU is the first thing that came to mind. Cooler Master is not a great brand. Have you checked the wall outlet?
  4. Well, it is from an extension lead so its not from the wall. And ok, what PSU would you recommend?
  5. Sounds like hardware. It is ether power supply, motherboard or cpu. Here are some tips to check. Pull out your multi-meter, set it to AC, check outlet, then check the end of the power cord that plugs into the power supply, how switch to DC and pull out your power supply manual and start checking pin voltages. If all of those are correct And stable, check the cpu socket. Any of the pins have corrosion or look melted? Check your motherboard over any melted spots, blown caps or corrosion? I believe your monitor should show your bios info even without functioning ram, and if the GPU was bad, you would hear the hdd spin up and the windows loading sound and just not see it. Oh and if the HDD was bad you would see the computer attempt to post.

    Disclaimer. if you do not know how to use a multi-meter, learn the correct procedures first. Also becareful with electricity. If not handled correctly you will make matters worse or hurt/kill yourself. Lastly if you comfortable with electronics, I recommend seeking out a profession to isolate and repair the issue.
  6. Thing is it won't even boot. The psu has failed for sure.
  7. Likely case, I would still test it if I was in your shoes. I would also look a the documentation for your power supply for any fuses and other surge protection that might have tripped or blown.
  8. Ok, also it seems there are no, blown or melted spots on the motherboard.
    Another thing to add is that the extension lead itself has a power surge protector could that have caused anything.
    Also I have also tried multiple to boot the computer and yet I get the same result; Small fan movement when first plugged in and the power button is pressed. Then the attempt to press the power button again and nothing happens
  9. Also, it could be the cpu since I am using the stock fan?
  10. Turns out it was the psu there was damaging to the casing and it was also faulty full refund going to corsair now!
  11. Need help quick time!
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