Will my pc fry if the power goes out?

I'm in the hurricane Sandy area and they are expecting my power to go out from a few days to a week. Is it safe for me to be on the computer until my power goes out, because I've heard it can fry your pc?

This is my PSU if it matters:
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  1. Well to be honest its a pretty bad PSU anyway.

    If you are worried invest in a UPS that will stop any damage.
  2. Well, Apevia isnt a great manufacturer for power supplies. Though the power supply should have a mechanism to protect the components from surges and whatnot.
  3. Yeah I know it's not a great PSU. I'm only 14 and I had to come up with the money for this build myself so I had to go really cheap.
  4. Play it save. Go read a book.
  5. The PSU is one of the things you want to cheap out on, just for future reference.
  6. ^^ I believe Deemo means DON'T want to cheap out on :P Personally I would just keep it unplugged, you have to decide if it's worth the risk, and it sounds like it isn't to me.
  7. rgd1101 said:
    Play it save. Go read a book.

    Seconding this. Most PSUs have good over/under protection for current and voltage, essentially built in surge protectors. However, as has been mentioned yours is kinda crummy.
  8. Damage is more likely to occur if the power cycles on and off -- or, when the power comes back on after an extended outage.
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