Whats the difference?

i currently own a diamond HD radeon 6670 2Gb and its not that great. http://www.diamondmm.com/amd-radeon-hd-6670-pcie-2gb-gddr3-6670pe32g.php

im going to be upgrading to one of these



But idk what the difference is between them both besides the fans and how much of a difference will i have like gameplay FPS after i switch

I play games like Alan wake, falloutNV, GTA, and MW3
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  1. They are the same speed wise. The Double-D edition obviously has 2 fans instead of one. XFX typically has a whole bunch of models of the same card with small differences in heatsink/fan or VRM design. Really not much difference.

    I would suspect the Double-D edition might run cooler. Amazon doesn't list it, but Double-D editions come with Lifetime warranty instead of 2 years if you register with in a certain amount of time. That's about the only difference that is big.
  2. the double D has a better cooler thats about it ?

    i recommend this one

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