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Padre randomly bought me a Asus HD 6770 DirectCU, however on installing it and powering on, the fan does not turn on, and no signal is received; the onboard graphics ports are disabled as it detects that a graphics card is connected.

I'm not too surprised, as I am using an archaic system

GIGABYTE GA-G41MT-D3V Intel G41 (Socket 775) DDR3 PCI-Express Micro-ATX Motherboard
Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 2.0GHz (Retail 775

Is this a lost cause? Or do I simply need to upgrade my powersupply to accomodate the rather large jump in tech? What would I need to be able to use this card?
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  1. What psu do you have ?
  2. if you think it's a power issue try just leaving the card's 6 pin connector/s plugged in and unplug all your hard drives etc... If the fans still don't spin, i'd recommend trying the card in a friend's pc just to be sure.
  3. Its a 400w, but the details on the back have faded beyond reasonable reading. Only two harddrives and a usb scanner drawing power
  4. Right, so unplug the hard drives and see if the fans on your graphics card spin when you power up.
  5. I call PSu not up to the job here!
  6. I'm convinced you're right.
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