How do I reduce the over heating of quadro 4000

I bought Nvidia Quadro 4000 last year.

In December I sent it to the manufacturer I bought because it started over heating, they told me nothing is wrong but they replaced it anyhow.

I am having same problem all over again.

On booting temp is around 80 degrees with 3000 rpm.

If I run a game or a video or even firefox the temperature goes upto 94 degrees and RPM full 6480, with sound of the fan deafening my ears. I cannot focus on my work with that noise. I have to keep a standing fan infront of it, with the CPU case open to do any work. Not to mention the heat it emits right on my face, through the fan below the hard disks from front of CPU.

If I do not start my air conditioner the temperature keeps going up till reaches 115 degrees and shuts down the GPU.

Running a workstation and AC togther is draining a lot of monthly electricity bills as well.

How exactly should I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

I am in India and I could not find even anyone selling this card in my city, I had to import it from New Delhi.

So I do not have the tools or stuff to make any changes to the heat sink and all. Basically I cannot repair it myself.

is it just because of heat or it can happen also because of shortage of power?

I shifted to a new house for time being and whole workstation running from one switch board now.

I am showing you the diagram of how the power is running, this over heating problem was not there in my old house.

I am a 3D and game designer, the reason I bought quadro and I am not able to run any games on it even for testing.

Config is this

Pentium 4 i7 quad core
GIGABYTE MOTHER BOARD with a hybrid silent pipe.
cooler master silent pro 700W

Anyone can help or suggest ideas?
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  1. I suppose the warranty is over? If not, you should contact them again.

    If it is over, you'll have to reapply the thermal paste to the GPU.
  2. The problem is they are in New Delhi, so I have to ship them the graphic card which means I cannot work for a week or more and knowing that they will say that nothing is wrong with the graphic card all over again. I am sure they had send me the same card after applying new paste and said they have send a new card.

    What I have searched online shows this over heating problem is there for most of the quadro 4000 in the market.

    so how do I reapply the paste, it is very expensive graphic card and I do not wish to take any chances.
  3. You'll need to take off the heatsink, carefully clean the heatsink and the GPU from old paste with Isopropyl/Rubbing alcohol, then apply a tiny drop of new paste and put on the heatsink back.

    Here's a video of it:
  4. Thanks will check this out.

    Also few more questions, I also have a basic graphic card gtx 520, can I run both graphic cards together on one workstation?

    I have no inbuilt graphic card in system.

    Also the weirdest part is the GPU when being used in 3D rendering and all doesn't increase the fan speed, only when I am running videos.

    Is it possible that some virus can make the GPU fans behave like this?
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    It's possible. There are known malware that uses GPU computing on infected PC and sends the computed data to the owner. You can check GPU usage using MSI afterburner:

    About another graphics card: you can use it as long as your power supply unit is strong enough for two cards and if you have another slot on your motherboard. Note: when you game, it will only use one card, the one the monitor is connected to, but if you render, it should use both.
  6. Ok I clean installed new version of the Nvidia Driver and ran Thor The movie for over 1 and half hours and for some reason the temperature in after burner did not raise over 86 degrees, currently it is at 74 degrees, this is very weird.

    If it was just heat it should have risen when I watch a movie for so long.
  7. Tested the GPU with octane renderer demo and the temp went up to 100 C within few minutes. so I think the problem is with the GPU and heat sink.
  8. removed the quadro from the system and running nvidia geforce gt 520

    running ocatne hangs the whole computer, so 3D GPU rendering is completely out of the window.

    I use Vue mostly, so let me see how fast it renders in it.

    Nvidia Quadro looks very complicated than normal GPU video you showed me, I think it has double cards in it.

    anyone has any details of opening a quadro 4000 for me?
  9. Found this thread

    if anyone in future has this problem, they can first remove the thin case and clean the vents and fan and re test, if that fails only then go for reapplying the thermal paste.

    It also shows how to open the case.

    Sunisu, thanks for all the help.
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  11. Glad I helped you :).
  12. Well I managed to fix the over heating problem by just cleaning the vents and fan. If anyone stumbles over this thread for their quadro card they should check out the thread link I gave above, I also have screenshots of the card there.
  13. I have mounted at

    Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo III

    And its works damm good 54 celcius at 99 % load
    and power to the fan is from orginal pover on board
    There is 10 mm from Vram to the ribb so 6 mm alu cooler rip can be mountet
    and the back plate ia good

    Se it on my FB
    Lars Rene Olsen
  14. I had the same problem 2 years ago. I 've added an extra fan to exhaust air and the problem went away!
  15. Hi,

    I had similar problem with my quadro 4000 and after reading this forum i've picked up some good ideas and applied them to fix the issue.

    My graphic card would heat up to around 95-100 degrees and the fan would spin up to 6000rpm, making annoying sound that I couldn't stand.
    And occasionally whilst playing fifa my monitor would go blank , but the pc would stay on and i couldn't put the monitor back on again unless forcing pc to shut down.

    To solve the problem I took the graphic card out , took it apart and cleaned it. There was a compressed layer of dust blocking the airflow. Most of people recommend using compressed air to clean it,
    but I found that the pump ( like the one here ) in combination with a vacuum cleaner that suck out the dust is more effective.

    Next, after I cleaned the graphic card from the dust, I've removed the old cooling paste with a ISOPROPYL RUBBING ALCOHOL and reapplied a new one.
    But i didn't stop there, and bought two extra slim fans and installed them under the graphic card.

    Now my average temperature is around 60°C , and while playing or doing graphic work , no more than 80°C , and what's most important my anxiety from the noisy fan is gone as well.
    Happy Days!!

    Total cost for this operation was about £20. Everything bought from ebay :

    Gelid PCI Slot Fan Holder with two slim 120mm UV Blue Fans : £15
    Silicon Thermal Heat sink Compound Cooling Paste Grease PC CPU Processor Syringe : £1
    7 in 1 Torx T4 T5 T6 Repair Opening Screwdriver Set For Blackberry Samsung : £2

    I hope this helps
    Good Luck
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