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Hey folks,

Iv been doing a ton of research into the 7850 and thought it was a pretty solid chose for a new gpu and its and right in my budget range... well just slightly higher than it but still close enough. then i stumbled onto the 6950 the other day and realized that its performance is pretty close to the 7850 but it is older. right now on newegg the price of the two are pretty good. the 6950 is $170 after MIR (also comes with 2 games) and the 7850 is $225. I know that the 7850 is a better card but is the difference in performance really worth that $55 difference in price... from the research iv done today they will both play COD/BF3/Skyrim high/max settings with solid 40-60FPS. what do u guys think about the 2?

XFX 7850

XFX 6950
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  1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102998

    That 7850 is much cheaper. Both of the cards will do well, with the 6950 being just a bit slower. Yet it does come with the 2 game coupons. That is really really tempting.

    Personally I would go with the 6950, mainly because of the free games. But that might be because I have a soft spot for the 6950 since I had one. The 7850 uses less power, so if you only have like a CX500, I would go with the 7850.

    What does your full build look like?
  2. the 7870 is worth it for $55 more, its performance is a good bit better. but If you are on a budget then you don't need to spend that much. I'd go with the 7850 because they are newer and OC really well if one day you feel like you aren't getting enough performance.
  3. esrever, do u mean the 7850 is worth the 55$ cause the 7870 is alot more than 55 more than the 6950. and as far as the sapphire 7850 the reason i didn't want that one is simply because it is beyond an ugly looking card.

    the rest of my build is an i3 2105, cheap mobo seagate 520 watt power supply, and 8 gigs of ram, and win 7x64. last year i did a major budget build just to get it up and running, and now slowly replacing everything, but ill probably stay with the i3

    as far as the power usage they are actually very similar amount of power draw so im not worried with the power.
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