Can I use Intel HD 4000 and HD7950 at the same time?

Can I use Intel HD Graphics 4000 (from 3570k) and Radeon HD7950 at the same time?

For example HD 4000 for one display and HD7870 for another one? It sounds impossible, but I would like to know for sure.

Also, having HD 4000 with another graphic card, will increase overall graphic performance, or that HD4000 is fully disabled?
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  1. You should be able to run more than one display off of your 7950 I would think.....
  2. why must you do that. a HD 7950 can run 3+ monitors perfectly
  3. I was just wondering :D I like to ask questions like that. It's just for my personal info :p
  4. Yes you can have both but they do not work together. A game will use your primary. Even with older integrated this is possible. I got my hd 3000 on 1 monitor and a 560ti on another because the 560ti stays at full clocks with both monitors on it. Plus I can use quicksync without virtu.
  5. I think you have to use that gimmicky thing, virtu something, foundi n asus boards. That lets you use both. You also have to be careful which letter is before the chipset name so you know that it has support for OC AND the IGP. Then you have to find out if your cpu has an igp. THEN you can use them both but I haven't used it personally so I can't tell you to go ahead and buy an asus board just because that virtu thing is too awesome.
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