Case fans

i have built 2 new computers 1 for me and the wife
just need any tips on case fans . we both went for the
same case which comes only with a side blue fan
but leaves for a back 120mm fan and 2 80mm fans under
the drive bays.

both systems are similar in type

system 1

amd 965be /1tb hd /dvdr /4 gig ddr 3 1600
custom cpu cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 7
gtx 560 / psu Silencer Mk III 600W 46A

system 2

amd 965be /500 hd /dvdr /4 gig ddr 3 1600
custom cpu cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 7
gtx 570 twin frozr 3 oc / xfx 650 psu 53A/636W.

just need any tips advice for fans for both cases
1x120mm / 2x80mm for both cases.

ty guys .
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  1. ps im in the uk so ebay or ebuyer or scan website will do
  2. anyone ?
  3. see this you got choice i would put a 120 as exhaust and 2 80 as intake and keep the side one as it is
  4. but do i need temp controlled fans or just standard
    fans ?

    also if u look closely the 2 fans under the drive bays are backed against
    a solid panel which is the front face of the pc that is where the in take
    fans would go - but where would they be in taking from - look at image
    2 of 4
  5. anyone
  6. You usually want 3 pin standard fans for the case. I'm not sure where the intake would be, are you sure there is not an intake on the bottom of the front panel?
  7. the side panel fan that came with the case is in take 80mm
    the back pannel 120mm will be used as exhaust
    then theres 2 80mm fan slots under the drive bays
  8. what will be the motherboard name and model also for the 2 front fan to mork on the same board connector you could use one of these
  9. i was thinking of using 2x
    Fractal Design 8cm 80mm Silent Cooling PC Case Fans
    connected straight to the psu there only 1400 rpm
    so having them running at full all the time shouldnt
    be a problem should it ?

    rear fan is gonna be a
    CoolerMaster 120mm Sickleflow Fan - Blue LED
  10. the fractal are 3 pins connector for motherboard if you have them on the board use them or you will need to had something like this on each of them if they are no having the 4 pins molex connector for the front fan but the y splitter cable will do good
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