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We are having crash problems when playing games on line. I am wanting to try upgrading the graphic card. running GeForce GT 220 on Dell XPS 435/t9000 desktop right now. PSU 475 w. operating system is upgraded 7 from vista when purchased. What's a good card that will fit this system. Can upgrade PSU if needed.
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  1. Upgrading graphics card will not resolve crashing problem if it's not graphics card problem. I'd suggest fixing it before upgrading.
  2. believe the current card is overheating and shutting the computer off. Doesn't happen any other time.
  3. What temperatures is it reaching?
  4. running dual screens, minecraft on one, runescape on the other. Temp reaches 110 C and then computer goes into power save mode. have to hold power button to completely shut it down and back on.
  5. I see. What is your budget and full specs of your computer? What is the brand of the power supply unit?
  6. Around $150. would like something quiet. Power supply is Flextronics . system information: intel core i7 cpu 920 2.67ghz. 6 gb ram. windows 7 home premium, 64 bit.
  7. Considering your budget and your power supply unit, I cannot recommend anything higher than HD 7750. Also, since you want a silent card, I recommend this particular model:

    It doesn't have a fan so it will not cause any noise whatsoever.
  8. what's the draw back to a card without a fan? What power supply can my computer handle if I upgrade that also - would fit be an issue? I'd like to get some good performance without upgrading anything other than the card and power supply - is that possible with current processor, ram, motherboard. Budget could be doubled if necessary

    Though he bought a psu with to much watts actually, a 500W will do also.
  10. You don't have to limit yourself to a 55 watt card, or upgrade the psu when it is capable of handling higher power models
    The system was sold with a 4870 or GTX260
    A 7770, 7850 or even a 660Ti would work fine without a psu upgrade
  11. will be running dual screens will that matter on any cards being recommended?
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    All the cards will without any problems will handle two monitors. As for draw backs of having a card without fan: You need to clean the dust out of it every 2 months, or it will start overheating. And yes, it's possible to upgrade more.

    Power supply unit: Corsair CX 500 - $59.99
    Graphics card: Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 - $259.99

    To be honest, it all depends on your budget, and if you don't want to spend that much - the first card recommended will work without any problems as well! Though, of course, HD 7870 will play games on higher settings/with more frames per second ;). It's twice as fast.
  13. Sunius said:

    Power supply unit: Corsair CX 500 - $59.99

    The system has a 475 watt / 32 amp Flextronics built psu with dual pcie connectors ( obviously not the same quality as the Flextronics built Corsair AX1200 )
    Is upgrading to a low end CWT built Corsair 500 watt / 34 amp unit really worth it ?
  14. Looked at the 7870 - sold on that one. Little scared of the power source after reading some of the reviews. Any other suggestions on PSUs that will fit my case and work with the 7870?
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