Linksys router with verizon westell 6100 modem

I'm dying here, so please help.

Okay, I know there has to be something I'm doing wrong because 3 months ago I set up the same modem & router to work. Being the idiot I am, I reset my router to change the password (dumb I know) and now the router can't pass the internet signal from the modem on!

So far following these directions (

1. I've set the modem to bride/bridge and unchecked the private LAN box. release/renewed IP.

2. Used the modem's MAC address in the router.

3. Made sure DHCP set to obtain automatically.

4. Reset, restarted seperately multiple times.

It looks like from the status page that the router is obtaining an IP but it won't connect to the internet.

Help? I was even ready to consider getting FIOS so I don't have to deal with this, I'm so desperate.
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  1. ...err...I don't know why it posted this three times. (I'm sorry? o__o)
  2. You shouldn't have to set it to bridge mode.

    I'm assuming you have two separate devices, an ADSL modem and a router.
    Connect your PC directly to the modem and make sure you are able to connect to the net.

    Then connect up to the router. Ensure that the routers IP isn't the same as the IP for the modem. DHCP should be enabled.

    Other than checking the IP and DHCP status, the router shouldn't need configuring.
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