New graphics card for dated Shuttle case

Hi, I am looking for the best possible video card for my Shuttle SA76G2. The purpose of my upgrade is so I can do some light gaming(CS:GO in medium/low settings). My goal is to stay around $100 bucks but willing to spend more. I took a look inside the case and can say with certainty that I need a single slot solution. So far I found a Radeon HD 7750 that might work out pretty well. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

My Case
Video Card - Option 1: XFX HD 7750 Think this would work?
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  1. Neither of those links work. But seeing as your case has enough room for 2 full height graphics cards:

    You should be fine with a 7750. Just be sure you have a halfway decent power supply of at least 300W.
  2. Hey Deemo, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I only have a 250w power supply. I fixed the links.
  3. Well, how many amps do you have on the 12V rail of the power supply? It should be on the label.
  4. The picture does not work, but you have 192W on the 12V rail, not factoring efficiency. The 7750 uses not even 50W on full load. Now seeing as you have a Shuttle, there's probably not much else in your computer to take power.

    What processor do you have?
  5. Sorry! Fixed the link. I have an AMD Phenom II Regor 65w 3.4ghz

  6. You should be fine then.
  7. okay. Thanks for all the help! Much appreciated.
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