Having trouble with a new graphics card

Hello, I just installed a new graphics card so i could be able to play SC2 on high settings, i purchased and installed an XFX R 6750, hoping to boost my video, but upon playing SC2, the game takes a thousand years to load and jumps between black screen and a screen with raynor on it with black and green lines running horizontal. I was thinking it was the CPU that needs to be beefed up, but i am not sure. help is appreciated

My Specs are
OS: Windows 7 home premium 32-bit
System Manufacturer: Gateway
System Model: DX4200 - UB001A
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Core Processor - 2.2 gHZ
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
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    Well, there could be a few things going on. First off, what was the first card installed? Did you properly purge the previous drivers and install the correct ones? It's also possible that the card is bad.

    Follow my guide posted here for a fresh driver install.

    You can follow the crossed out post, but you have a dinky little 300Watt power supply. Not enough to power the card.
  2. Your power supply is definitely not enough to power that card, even though the card doesnt actually use that much power.

    You're going to need a new power supply. And if you are still having the problem, then its something else.
  3. I have a 600W power supply my father installed just before i got the computer, I will try to uninstall the old drivers and re install the correct ones
  4. I wonder what 600W it is? Would you mind telling me?
  5. thanks for the advice jdog, a clean up was all i needed, runs really smooth now
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  7. and 600w = 600 watt
  8. sc2junkey said:
    and 600w = 600 watt

    not necessarily true. the gpu feeds off the 12v rail and lower end psus add teh 3 and 5v rail to the total peak output for the psu.
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