Upgrading Computer: Need Advice

I'm thinking of upgrading my computer. Here are the specs:

Intel i5-2500K (stock speed)
Asus P8Z68-V LX
2 X 4 GB Vengeance RAM @ 1333MHz (Almost certain it can run at 1600MHz)
Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition
2GB GT 430 (Returned 6770, wanted a better card)
Coolermaster EP+ 600 Watts

Logitech Laser Mouse
Worn-out Dell Keyboard
Dell 1907FP Monitor
2.0 Dell Speakers (make crackling sound)
Logitech Mic

My thoughts on the upgrade:

First off, the GPU. I want a solid GPU that isn't too expensive. I was thinking either a 660 or an 8850 when it comes out.

Other than that, my computer is fairly new. I might purchase a 60 or 120 GB SSD if I can find a good deal as a boot drive, but i don't know if this is worth it. How much of a hassle is it to transfer an OS to a SSD?

If necessary, I might purchase a Hyper 212 EVO to overclock my CPU, but as of now, my CPU is performing more than adequately for my needs.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, let me know.

Onto Peripherals:
My mouse is holding up fine, and I think i fixed my microphone, so those are fine as of now.

For the keyboard, I'm considering either another dell keyboard, or investing in a mechanical keyboard.

The monitor will have to last me a long time, so I'm not going to cheap out there. I'm looking to spend 100-200, but will even go up to $250 if I have to. I would prefer a good IPS monitor, either 1920 X 1080 or 1920 X 1200, 23-24 inches. I might consider keeping my current monitor as it still looks great, but if an upgrade will look noticeably better, than I will purchase one. (Either way this monitor won't go to waste, I have another computer in need of a decent monitor)

Lastly, the speakers. I want a solid set of 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. I would prefer to spend $30-60, but if I need to spend more, I will.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. by the time the 8850 is out, there will be a 760.

    id just get a 660ti or a 7950 as of now and call it a day

    crappy power supply but it will do the job fine for now

    to transfer the OS to a SSD from a hard drive. a big hassle compared to adding a hard drive to your rig

    hyper 212 evo will do the trick

    id suggest this mechanical keyboard. made by filco. have their quickfire rapid and its great

    id suggest this monitor. pretty good and awesome frame
  2. I think I want to wait it out on the 8850, its looks like it's going to be an amazing card and I don't mind playing games on medium while I wait.

    I think I will buy the EVO then. Is it easy to install? Should I wait untill I buy my GPU for the EVO, or just purchase it now?

    The only concern for me with an ASUS monitor is dead pixels; if there is less than 5 they don't replace it. I've had good luck with Dell monitors, so I was thinking of one of these:

    Would Also consider:

    Quickfire Rapid, Quickfire Pro or Razer Blackwidow? Note that I won't only be gaming on my computer, I also do a lot of typing.

    For the PSU, I could probably purchase this if it will be much better than my current PSU. If the upgrade isn't significant than I won't do it, as my PSU has been running fine lately. If $50 will give me the peace in mind of a solid PSU, along with better overclocking potential, I'm more than happy to upgrade, but I don't want to just throw away $50. I could use the other PSU as a backup or in a future low-cost office build as it still works, but for a gaming PC I think a solid PSU is worth the money. What do you think?


    Finally, how do these look?

    Thanks for all your help
  3. how would you know a 8850 would be good hm? and its not like a 7950 cant max out games.

    the evo is pretty easy

    any monitor has dead pixels. at least asus has 2 way free shipping for RMAs. my panel didnt have dead pixels

    and my monitor would be better than the dells. the u series might be matched though

    nope. crappy power supply you got there. will run but much better solutions out there

    for speakers, im not the best. i use headphones
  4. I say that if your going to wait for the new Radeons, it should be for the 8950/8970 (like I am planning on doing). Otherwise you could just buy hardware now that will perform the same.

    The EVO is fairly easy to install, its largely just a matter of twiddling it until the holes line up. Dont be worried if you can twist the heatsink side to side once its mounted.
    Might as well get it now, no reason to wait until later, its not going to drop in price.

    Keyboards and mouses are very much personal preference. We cant tell you which is better.
    If your looking for a good mechanical keyboard with a lot of variety in choices, look to the Ducky Shine. You can get them with about any LED backlight colour you want and with every switch colour you could want.
    Explanation about the different colour switch's.

    As you said, a solid PSU is worth the money.
    Would be looking more toward Seasonic, XFX and COrsair for PSU's than OCZ.

    I also know nothing about speakers. Though I can give a good recommendation for the Razer Carcharias if you want a headset :D
  5. Then maybe I will consider purchasing a 660 or 7870 in the near future if I find one on sale. I want to pick up a monitor first though. If that is true about Asus, then I would be happy to take a look at Asus monitors. Do you have any other recommendations?

    I'll pick up the EVO shortly.

    I think i'll probably go with the blackwidow, quickfire pro or quickfire trigger. As for the colour, I was thinking blue or brown.

    How bad is the PSU I have? I know that it can only deliver about 450 watts, but would a build with an OC'ed 7870 GHz or 660 along with the rest of my parts even need that much power? A new PSU will set me back about ~$100, which could be used on a mechanical keyboard or gaming headset. If i could find a buyer, I would definitely upgrade, but if I can't, is it usable? So far I haven't had any problems.
  6. While Coolermaster isnt the worst brand out there (like DIABLOTEK, Coolermax, RAIDMAX), there lower end supplies are not the best.
    For instance, you are right an that the 600W unit can only output 450W, and its not even 80+ Certified from what I can find of it.
    For now it will do, but I do recommend replacing it soon. 450W is cutting it a bit fine.
  7. Thanks for the input. All this thought gave me another idea:

    This is Computer 1. It was built about 9 months ago. Specs are up top.
    Computer 2 is older. It was a cheap build:
    Athlon II X2 255, 2GB of DDR2 RAM, ASUS M4A785, Ultra LS 500 PSU, 500GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    The rest are laptops.

    One of these builds (currently the older build) is used for basic tasks like Microsoft office, video streaming, etc

    The other build (currently build 1 or my build) is used for gaming and other general tasks. This build MUST be stable.

    This was my other plan:
    Sell the older computer ($100-$200, possibly more with the monitor)
    Leave this computer for the basic tasks. No upgrades will be made.
    Purchase a new computer running on Haswell and the 8800/760 series.

    If I upgrade, PC 1 will have to last about 4 more years while PC 2 will have to last about 2 years. I'm not sure if that will be possible.

    If I buy a new computer, the i5 rig will only be used for two more years, and the Haswell only three. Not sure about this.

    Choices Choices Choices...

    I'm making progress on this update:

    Intel i5-2500K (stock speed)
    Asus P8Z68-V LX
    2 X 4 GB Vengeance RAM @ 1333MHz (Almost certain it can run at 1600MHz)
    Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition
    2GB GT 430 (Returned 6770, wanted a better card) ---> Will probably replace at Christmas
    Coolermaster EP+ 600 Watts ----> Replaced with TX750m

    Logitech Laser Mouse
    Worn-out Dell Keyboard ---> Will replace with Cooler Master Storm Trigger
    Dell 1907FP Monitor -----> Replaced with 23 inch Ultrasharp
    2.0 Dell Speakers (make crackling sound)---> Replaced with Logitech Z313
    Logitech Mic

    Looks good so far, just need the GPU, CPU Cooler and Keyboard.
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