Do some connectors need to be broken in?

My theory is that some parts are so new that they need a little wear and tear before they work smoothly, right now they're raw. This snag sometimes happens with SATA connectors, after I plug and unplug them a few times they work nicely.

I'm having trouble plugging in a new TX650 PSU 24pin power connector to a new ASRock H77M motherboard. Nothing looks broken, nothing looks bent, so I thought of something, do new computer parts sometimes need a breaking in period?

Here's what I've done so far:

-I plugged the TX650 to an older motherboard and the full plug went in perfectly.

-I plugged an old 300W PSU to the new motherboard and the plug went in with slight resistance near the end, but it went in fully. I then unplugged and plugged it back in a few times and let it sit a few minutes in between to "break it in".

-Now when I plug the TX650's connector to the new motherboard it can catch on the clip with slight resistance at the end, but the opposite side still needs a millimeter or two to fully join.

Is this a reasonable theory or am I just stretching out the motherboard's connector and ruining it somehow lol...
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  1. Well, to anyone interested, this method worked. The PC is up and running :)
  2. most likely the drivers are being re loaded by windows

    It wont be something the hardwre is doing . The connector itself wont be bedding in , or any such thing
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