Upgrading a HP Slimline s3707c GFX Card

Hey guys, I have an HP s3707c Slimline desktop computer. I want to upgrade it to a GT610. I'm not very good at compatibility stuff, so I'ma post the details and hope one of you guys can tell me if it would work. My current issues are; 1. The size of the card. If it doesn't fit in the desktop, I'm sort of SOL. 2. Will it be too much heat for the comp to handle w/o the assistance of a small fan? I HAVE a small fan next to it right now, cooling from the side, since I OC this computer to play some Diablo 3. Third. Will I need a power supply upgrade? My guess is YES on this, but I had a couple of friends tell me they upgraded several generations and didn't have a problem. Anyways, here's the details.

Product Number: FQ578AA

Introduction Date: 24-Nov-2008

Country/Region sold in: United States::Canada

Bundle Information: Included with purchase was a [w2007 20" lcd wide-screen monitor with integrated speakers]


Base Processor: Athlon 64 X2 (B) 5400+ 2.8GHz (65W) -- 800 MHz Front Side bus::Socket AM2

Chipset: GeForce 9100

Motherboard: Manufacturer was Pegatron::Motherboard name is [APX78-BN]::HP/Compaq Motherboard name is [Nutmeg-GL6E]

Power Supply: 160W

Memory Installed -- 4GB
Maximum Allowed -- 4GB* (2 x 2 GB)
Speed Supported -- PC2-6400 MB/sec
Type -- 240 Pin, DDR2
*Actual available memory may be less

Hard drive: 500GB SATA 3G (3.0 GB/sec)::7200 rpm

DVD+/-R/RW 16X 12X +/-DL LS 12X RAM SuperMulti SATA Drive: (Lots of BS here)

Modem: PCIe Internal Modem

Video Graphics: Integrated onto motherboard

Sound/Audio: (Unimportant)

Network/LAN: Integrated 10/100 Base-T Networking Interface

And now the worst part....The ports

External I/O Ports

Front Panel:
[1] 15-in-1 (4 slot)
[2] USB
[1] Headphone

Rear Panel:
[2] PS/2 (keyboard, mouse)
[1] S/PDIF out (coaxial)
[1] VGA
[1] DVI
[4] USB
[1] 1394a
[1] LAN
[1 each] Audio (line in, line out, microphone)

Expansion Slots

[1 (One Available)] PCI express mini card socket
[1 (One Available)] PCI express x16
[1 (None available)] PCI express x1

Drive Bays

[1 (One Available)] 5.25"
[1 (One Available)] 3.5"
[1 (None Available)] Pocket Media Drive

The card in question (GeForce GT610) has these specs (considerably shorter):

All I know about the card, based on Nvidia's card finding program, is that it's no more than 300 Watts for required power, and no larger than 6.6 inches. However, these are only the MINIMUM values that I can input, as it also pulls up (Under this criteria) a GT520, GT240, GT220, GT210, and a nice old 8400 GS.

Now I admit, this is rather lengthy, and I apologize, but I want to make sure I have it right before I go buy the card :o
It may only be 40 dollars, but that's enough for me
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  1. First of all, I don't think the 610 is going to be able to play Diablo 3 to be honest. Maybe possibly if you put it on the lowest of the lowest of settings. Also, maybe if you had like 250W I would say a card would be alright, but 160W is not going to be able to run a card at all. You're going to have to upgrade it.
  2. Quote:
    First of all, I don't think the 610 is going to be able to play Diablo 3 to be honest.

    It better, because my integrated 9100 nvidia can run Diablo 3 on the lowest of low, with absolutely no lag. EDIT: Also, it can run it on said settings WITHOUT the overclock, it just lags through some fire and shadow heavy area's. I DO have to overclock it, but from 500MHz Core Clock to 610MHz, and 850MHz memory clock from 800MHz, isn't that much. And, additionally, My card cannot run PhysX, SLI, DX10/11, or ANYTHING. So if a GT610 can't run what my 9100 can, there's a problem.

    Also, maybe if you had like 250W I would say a card would be alright, but 160W is not going to be able to run a card at all.

    Agreed. That's what I was thinking, the 160W was probably JUST enough to run everything (Sorta the point of a compact design I guess :D)

    Anyways, thanks for the concrete answer on the power supply issue. But I just can't believe that a 610 card can't outperform a 9100 integrated.
  3. Well, to be honest, both of those cards are really really slow. If you lower everything the 610 might be able to do the job, but if you upgrade the power supply, there are better options out there. Alot of companies make power supply replacements for the Slimline.
  4. AGAIN I shall state: If my 9100 integrated graphics can run Diablo 3 with 0 lag, at about 25 fps, the 610 should DEFINITELY improve it. I'm not asking for maxed graphics on a 2080x1560 res monitor or something. I'm asking for improved performance.

    Sure, the 610 might be more of a "processing" graphics card than a "Gaming" graphics card, but seriously. This is now the 2nd person telling me that a card 7 generations ahead of mine won't do any different. Really? No. No. No.
  5. It might be a little bit smoother, but you would still have to run it on pretty low settings.
  6. True, but I'm not in it for the quality of the picture. I play games for the quality of gameplay. However, my main question remains unasked, since these nay-sayers are telling me it won't make a difference.

    WILL my computer FIT this card? I don't care if it's a "small" improvement, I just want an improvement. But I can't improve it if it doesn't fit.
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    Personally I still endorse a power supply upgrade. It physically will fit, but 160W is pushing it hard.
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  9. Thank you VERY much for finally helping me answer the final question :D

    As before, I completely agree with you on the power supply upgrade, a 160W is trash for a desktop, and it probably only worked because it was a Slimline. But the vital information, the key point, was how big the card was and how much room my comp had. Now, this has been answered. Thank you for your help :bounce: :D
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