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I set up a site to site VPN, it is working fine. I can access computers over the VPN with there DNS name and IP address. But the computers on the other side of the VPN doesn't show up in the network list. Is there a way to do this?
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  1. You need something to route the broadcast packets between the subnets. If you're not using Active Directory, then SMB discovery will broadcast to the local subnet, which by default is not routed.
  2. No I am not using AD.
    So I am guessing setting up Broadcasting would be something I would need to setup in the routers?

    Quick look around on my router I found NetBios Broadcast I can enable. But I thought NetBios isn't used very much anymore.
  3. What you need to do is setup a static ip route so the networks are aware of eachother and know the paths to take to get to each network.

    I'm sure there is another way but it's late and this is all my brain has to offer after a crazy day.
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