Radeon HD 7850 Safe Overclock?

Helloo. I'm currently using a Radeon HD 7850 (HIS Radeon HD 7850 IceQ X to be more specific) and I've been gaming for quite a bit on it and I'm impressed by the performance. However, there are some games which I would like to run at a higher setting but I would probably need to overclock in order to do so. I idle at around 34 Celsius and while I'm gaming it goes to about 53 Celsius. What is a safe clock settings to overclock it to without it affecting how hot it runs at?
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  1. Zero. If you overclock it at all you WILL affect how hot it runs. The question is how hot you feel safe running, and can you run it at that speed with no artifacting. Really you don't want to go more that about 85c max.
  2. ^ss202sl is right about affecting temps with an overclock, you will definitely see an increase, but with 53C loads, you have massive headroom.
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