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GeForce GTX 580 Issues

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 3, 2012 2:33:48 AM

Hello everyone,

Was just writing this message to see if anyone seems to know the fix for my problem. Flashback and rewind 9 months ago, around Christmas/New Years time, bought myself a nice breezy system. Here are the specs:

-Intel DX58SO2 ("Punisher") Motherboard
-EVGA/Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 x2 in SLI
-Intel Core i7 960 CPU @ 3.20GHz
-Kingston 128GB HD - SSD
-Hitachi 2TB ATA HD - 7200 RPM, 64MB, SATA
-24GB (x6 4GB Sektor 7 DDR3 Ram)
-x22 DVD-Writer
-Ultra X4 1600W P/S
-Corsair H80 Liquid CPU Cooler
-Thermaltake Level 10 GT (VN10001W2N) Black Steel SECC / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case with Four Fans-1x 200mm Colorshift side fan, 1x 200mm Colorshift top fan, 1x 200mm Colorshift front fan and 1x 140mm rear fan
-Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit

Please let me know if I left anything out...

After I got the system together and installed, started giving me a few problems. Actually, just 1 problem. After installing the newly launched SWToR, I kept on getting the same problem: rebooting the computer at random times when questing or talking to NPCs. Went about psycho for about a month before I finally FULLY finished installing all the updated graphics drivers, BIOS, updated firmwares, sound cards, misc. programs, etc. Then it started working flawlessly with no issues. Now Fastfoward to present...

Recently purchased and installed the new Guild Wars 2 game. Played it flawlessly for a week, till *(dun dUN DUN!)*... game said to update to Nvidia driver 304.79WHQL Beta Driver for best results. Well, like a dummy, I updated to the new glorified new version and ever since then been having the same problems from 9 months ago when it would crash at certain times during the game, and only when playing the game. Does not crash when idle or internet-surfing. I tried rolling back to previous versions and even as forward as Nvidia Driver for GeForce GTX 580. Currently have Nvidia 306.02 beta patch for 600 series (500 series supported as well). Before any issues might be called out, I'll just state that computer was running flawlessly and beautifully before Nvidia Driver update, now restarts when launching game or at random times when playing Guild Wars 2 or SWToR. So this is not a P/S or physical problem but more software/driver directed problem or else I wouldn't have played as well as I did for 9 months. When I rolled back and forward between installing new drivers, I made sure all existing drivers we're removed before installing any new ones. Anyone else with similar video cards getting the same problem and might have a solution?

Sorry for long story, but wanted to make it a bit interesting for you readers and get some help ;) . Also wanted to post as much information so anyone can understand my scenario. Thanks in advance.

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September 3, 2012 5:45:25 AM

What I did was go into control panel, performance, system, then clicked on the advanced tab.

clicked setting in the startup and recover box, then selected the alterts and to write to the log. It writes on mine to %SystemRoot%\Minidump

Anyway since that was already selected I went to the folder in windows and found the logs. But was unable to read them even using the tool to do so on the instalation cd. Dos kept flashing on then off. So piss on that program I downloaded blue bios screen. Ran the program and my files were right there. I found in every case it was the same error.

UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP caused by RtkHDAud.sys address RtkHDAud.sys+d5d68 file name Realtek(r) High Definition Audio Function Driver

So I went in and deleted my realtek audio drivers. I went back to the game and played without sound. All good. I downloaded my audio drivers that came with the motherboard and I havn't had a problem since.

So i'd make sure ur pc is writing a log (mine was but not sure if it automatically does it, plus ive got xp home)

Then download blue bios scree,, and have a look at what the crash reports are saying. They'll even list the exact time so you'll know what caused the most recent.
September 5, 2012 12:58:34 AM

Thank you so much for you post Jack. I looked into it and did have a memory.dmp file in my windows folder. However, the last written .dmp file was a whole week before I started having my issues with the restarts. By default, I had under "Write debugging information" as kernel memory dump named "Memory.dmp". So to keep the settings similar to yours, on the drop box I chose "Small memory dump (256 KB)" and small dump directory on %SystemRoot%\Minidump. The "Overwrite any existing file" check box was grayed out. So I loaded the game again to see if it would crash to see if it would write the Minidump file to see if I can figure out what's causing my restarts but it doesn't seem to be writing it, and the last memory.dmp file was before I was having any issues. Any idea why my Windows is not writing the minidump file as intended? I currently have Windows 7 64-bit incase you need to know. Thanks again for your help.
September 9, 2012 2:51:54 AM

Not sure. I'm guessing you have the box checked to write to log with it. Ive never used windows 7 personally I still like xp, should be pretty much the same settup although I think my small memory dump is 56kb.

But it doesn't really seem like it's a hardware problem as everything was ship shape. So im guessing everything's working together.

Even still you could test the memory make sure thats not acting up with memtest I believe it is. (Basically burn the program on a cd or floppy then boot from it and let it run 10 times or so to make sure everything passes.

If you have onboard video through the mobo or cpu you could remove ur card and plug into that and see if anything up after wiping all the graphics drivers.

You could just wipe everything and use the drivers that came with the parts. I'm guessing while very outdated they usually hold up. My audio drivers did.

odd that it wouldn't write a log when it reset though. Course idk 7 could be a bit different then xp home.