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hey all, I'm having an issue with my wife's pc.

her mobo recently died, so I purchased a new ASRock motherboard with new DDR3 ram , (4gb of kingston), installed the old hardware in ( HDD, core 2 duo 2ghz e6400 cpu and nvidia geforce 7900 gs ) and then I installed windows 7 64 bit.

Everything non graphic related works like a charm, but all graphical acceleration are choppy. I installed the latest direct x and driver for the card, and nothing happened, I also made sure my old core 2 duo was x64 on the intel website.

games like WoW or diablo 3 are choppy, even facebook games/flash content is choppy. I thought it could have been a dying card so I installed my card in her pc ... same deal. My known working card is choppy in her pc ( I got a zotac 260 gtx, it works just fine in my pc ).

so here I am, with a fresh install of windows, where the graphics are choppy, not sure what to check at this point ? the CPU is not always riding the 100%, the ram is not fully utilized, or the HDD. ressource wise, it seems ok. What gives ?

edit : while writing this, I tried removing all drivers and installing them again, not working.
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  1. Check your temperature on your GPU with GPU-Z. If it is running above 65 degrees celsius idle and 85 degrees on load, then you have an overheating problem.
  2. i tested 2 different cards ... same issue. one is a known working card from another computer, doubt this is the problem.
  3. i should add that the *chopyness* does not make the games unplayable, simply not enjoyable and as fluid as they should be.
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