Can i use my d-link dir-615 as a wireless adapter?

I'd like to use my D-Link router as a network adapter to connect a PC to my existing wireless network. Does anyone know if it can be done? If so, can you give me some help on how to configure the D-Link router? I'd like to leave the Belkin settings alone as much as I can.
Thank you

I have a D-Link DIR-615.
Hardware Rev. is C1.
Firmware Rev. is 3.10NA.

I also have a Belkin F5D8235-4 router.
Hardware Rev. is v2000.
Firmware Rev. is 2.01.04
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  1. Only if it will function as a wireless bridge. You might be able to use 3rd party firmware (dd-wrt or tomato) to convert it.
  2. if it can function as a "wifi client", then you can use it to capture the wifi signal and the you connect a cable from the router to your pc. In that case, the router will receive connection via wireless and transmit it to your pc via cable.

    If not, you will have to take @Grump9117 option. First find out if your router is supported by those firmwares
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