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i have a alienware m18x with sli 470m gx cards and i was wondering...ill turn my laptop on and run games ALLL day long no issues, i go to bed leave it on but shut the screen so it shuts off.when i wake up i load a game it it will be ok for a min then it will freeze and u get like these colored lines like a artifact or something (i cant screenshot it cause when it does it the whole laptop freezes, i have to alt f4) when i close it i restart it and it doesn't do it ...weird cause it does it randomly, i know its not a faulty card/cards cause ive ran tests monitored the voltages and temperatures everything is fine
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  1. no responses? just happened again during diablo 3 -.- it freezes flips to desktop then flips back and freeezes then i gotta ctrl alt del and stop, if i go back into game it will do again with weird artifacts, i think its the sli
  2. Try downloading the latest drivers from Nvidia and doing a clean install. Also check the ventilation area if it is clogged with dust.
  3. did it done it, i keep my laptop immaculate when it comes to dust and i monitor the temps 24/7 at all times during games, i think i fixed it (was the cpu power save feature slowing down and messing the video cards up) so far so good about 1 week or so i think, this issue is mindbogling considering i have all my certifications. zZZzz
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