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hello i know this sounds stupid but its what im doing i got a good deal, so what i want to do is turn my acer aspire z3101 into a decent gaming machine what i want to do is update the graphics card and processor and so on when i have the money, what i want to do though is take everything out of the back and put it into a tower and just use the monitor and soundbar as it is. what my question is, is it actually feasible?
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  1. depends if the motherboard is micro atx or not. you may need standoffs if you are installing it in a larger case. its possible though.
  2. Chances are it has no PCIe slot for a graphics card.
  3. edit: i should have checked the computer. the likely hood of being able to put an all in one in a case is very low.
  4. it has a version 2 pcie x 16 slot its a nforce720a mother board
  5. googled it. its legally ATX so you technically can take it and put it in the case. though the board itself is really dated.
  6. just want to make sure I hear this right, you want to turn the all in one into a gaming pc, not the parts of the all in one into a gaming pc case?

    I think it takes some kind of custom board. Like an mini ITX(1 expansion slot), but deeper like a ATX. Maybe similar to some of the Shuttle PC boards

    You will have to check and see if it has an accessible PCI-E slot. Then pick up a low profile card.

    I would watch it on the cpu upgrades(keep within the same power envelope if you can) as you have little room for a cooler.

    I miss read, disregard
  7. i can upload some pictures if someone tells me how to do it i have them on my phone already
  8. upload them to a host like image shack or Flickr and then copy the forum code and past it here.
  9. you can make an account @ or use to upload images and post them here.

    This is the style of board i was thinking you had.
  10. alright i uploaded them but i think it takes a second for them to show up on the account and yes i want to take a majority of the parts out and put them in a case that way i can expand as i see fit, theres not much room to work with inside that little all in one lol
  11. What processor is that and I wonder if that is a pcie 2.0 slot. if it is then you might be in business.
  12. it is i found out on the intel website, google nforce 720a and its a crappy athlon ii x2 it has a whoppin 2.8 ghz lol thats why i want to put it all in a case i can pick and choose what i need and how much money i have, i generally only buy high end products and money burns a whole in my pocket so i just got to buy each part and install them one by one, im looking at getting a new power supply and graphics card first
  13. It looks like a DTX board

    should fit, but may not have much upgrade path.
  14. You really are going to not save much money at all and be stuck with a worse system if you build from this. I would just suggest keeping this the way it is and building a new PC from scratch. I t will be much better than anything you can do with this.
  15. see the monitor and sound bar are not bad and i dont want to replace them though especially since my monitor is touch screen, i will think about it though its just i want to play the games relatively quickly lol
  16. You will have to get a low profile graphics card due to the lack of space
  17. haha i was just going to modify the back
  18. Thats not it. There are things plugged in right behind the slot where a normal card would sit.
  19. eventually i want to get a new motherboard and plug it all into that would that work?

    still have to mod the case to get the video card out, but how will it connect to the screen?

    Can you get a closeup of the screen's connection to the board for video(or is that it under the PCIE slot?).
  21. If you get a new motherboard then you will need a new copy of windows. Seriously, this is kind of a lost cause. I would just build something new. You won't be playing games without a good graphics card and unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will be happening with this board.
  22. you dont think i could work it a little bit or is it not worth the risk
  23. nukemaster is right. Even with a good GPU you will likely lose the touch screen aspect of this system. Working on this is a lost cause.
  24. ill probably end up doing that i was just curious and its just a hdmi slot in the side lol
  25. You may want to make that into a web machine. Give it an SSD and you will feel the difference.

    WD Green 1 TB is a VERY slow drive, good for data, but not as good for the random access nature of windows.

    SkateROck said:
    ill probably end up doing that i was just curious and its just a hdmi slot in the side lol

    You can feed another input to the screen with HDMI? maybe you can have both if the digitizer(touch) is just USB?
  26. here is a pic and i dont know how the touch is enabled
  27. sweet if not a little cheap.

    If you look on the board, you almost certainly have some kind of usb connection for touch. Should be 4 wires and may head to a 10 pin(only has 9 pins :) ) connector on the board.
  28. ik lol but it is to my advantage i just want to be able to play new games on low settings than ill build my beast haha so what do you recommend doing to get the most out of this without spending more than 400
  29. and next time i take it apart i will look :P
  30. As mentioned above, too much money will give little return.

    My recommendation if you WANT a project would be to see if you can fit a 7750 LP and get that HDMI cable to it.

    Here comes the issue. I have no way to know that the X16 slot actually works right since they did not even give you access from the outside.

    If you just want to use it for every day(web/video). An SSD for window would be a nice speed boost for most tasks, but it all depends on your use.

    I would use the SSD and HDD. because it would give you more storage.

    If you are over the system and just like the screen, You may be able to tap into the USB digitizer and it is easy to connect another PC to its HDMI port.

    This would turn the PC into just a touch screen monitor. I am not sure how the power would work and how would be best to just power the monitor and not the other pc inside it. Maybe the old green to black(power supply) trick with a switch
  31. alright thank you so much, great advice from everyone im definetly coming back to this site for support
  32. Whatever you do.

    Pictures of it :)
  33. alright i said i would make an update and so far i purchased the sapphire radeon hd7750 and it has quadroupled my fps also i plan to upgrade to an phenom x4 965 increase my memory and a new power supply so far it has cost me 100 dollars and im spending about 200 more so all in all 300 bucks is not bad especially since i already can play tribes acend in maxed out settings at 1600 1280 where before on lowest resolution and settings i barely managed 15 fps and just cause on medium at 1920 1080 and maxed out settings in two worlds 2 at 1920 1080 and thats just with the graphics update and on all of this i get about 50 fps i plan on building a new gaming pc but this should get me by
  34. also it took a little modification of the case to get even that tiny graphics card in there but its all good now :)
  35. cool, just make sure the board is up to the task of a 965(higher power then the stock cpu).
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