Which 7850 to buy?

sapphire as it has better cooling
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  1. I'm debating on two 7850 to buy, any suggestions?

    HiS IceQ 7850 2gb


    Sapphire 7850 2gb
  2. I was really debating on that card but I'm worried about the size a little bit. Never put a card with dual fans in my computer.. But everywhere I look I can not find the dimensions on it.
  3. 210(L)x105(W)x35(H) mm Size.
  4. Ok thanks for the advice, I still wanna wait on more opinions I think. But so far I'm pulling with the sapphire.
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  7. Thank you for the help, I chose you as best answer. I like both your suggestions and will take both into account on my purchase :)
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