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I posted in the CPU section for advice on a good CPU but I was told the most important component I would need for maxing out a game is the GPU my budget is 400-450 for the whole computer and my goal is to Max skyrim I have done a little research and found that it is going to be very tough to fit it in my budget but someone suggested I try the radeon 6770 HD card but I feel that it might not survive ultra settings I can settle on that card but I was wondering if someone can suggest a cheap GPU that can Max skyrim thanks
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  1. My monitor is going to be my 48" full 1080p HDTV and eventually I want to upgrade to a 3d TV of the same size or bigger so maybe can you suggest a card that might be able to handle that if I ever to upgrade so I'm asking for 2 different answers as well I guess cheap that can Max it and one that is cheap and can Max it in 3d
  2. A 1080P monitor or tv will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The load on a graphics card will be the same, regardless of the physical dimension.
    For a <$500 build, Start by looking at this $500 toms build:,3273.html

    Prices will have changed, but use it as a budget guideline.
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