MSI NVIDIA Fanless 7900GS seems overheating

I have bought a machine with MSI NVIDIA Fanless 7900GS card. However the temperature is constantly at 70c which I think is high, right? Can I install additional fan on top of fanless heatsink or replace heatsink? Any good fan to recommend for the card?
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  1. Laptop or desktop? That is really not a bad temp either way. You will not be able to play any games with this at all just so you know.

  2. It's a desktop, really? 70c is not bad? I thought it should be 40c. I don't plan to play any games. The original owner used it as HCPC and I just want to do some programming.
  3. Some previous online post suggests 70C idle is a bit hot.
  4. well it is passive put a fan on it a little quiet one bet everything goes down to temps you would like.
  5. Have no experience about passive one so if the temp is normal for passive then I'd rather do nothing. Just don't want to fry the GPU or shorten the lifespan. Thanks for the reply.

    thently said:
    well it is passive put a fan on it a little quiet one bet everything goes down to temps you would like.
  6. I don't think 70 at idle is normal. It should be 70-80 at full load.

    Did you ever clean the cooler with a can of compressed air or something ?

    How is the rest of the pc, are there any fans ?

    It's an older card so maybe the thermal paste is dried out, you could try to change that.
  7. prime95 load test result in core temp and HW monitor here
    However I found CPU temp is missing from HW monitor.
    GUP load test with rthdribl_2_0 is here
    light usage or idle is around 65-66C while fully loaded is 85C.
    2 case fans at the back. One fan around HDD but air intake maybe blocked by LCD display of case.
  8. The Geforce7 generation does have issue in the long term such as being sensitive around 70-80c where text in games doesn't appear correctly ect. So I would just mount a fan on or near the card.
  9. any fan to recommend? I only know fan directly mount to GPU, not on the heatsink. Is 66-70C idle temp a normal or abnormal one for 7900GS? I don't plan to play any video game on it but do want to watch DVD movie.
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    I do not think it will dmage it at all to keep it how it is. I myself would put a fan on it nothing fancy just a slot cooler in the next slot or just stick a fan right on top of it (Your choice on how to attach LOL)
  11. Any thing will work :)
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will get a slot cooler.
  13. installed Vantec SP-FC70-BL Spectrum System Fan Card with Dual Adjustable 70mm UV LED Fans. GPU temperature drops to 53C and HDD temperature drops too. Thanks.
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