Will this Graphic Card Support Multiple Displays ????

Hey Everyone ,

I dont have much knowledge about this stuff.

I trade in financial markets and i want to buy a new desktop setup with multiple displays (EXTENDED DISPLAY).

2 or 3 displays are enough .

I wanted to ask that can HD 6670 , which has 3 options at the rear , 1 VGA 1 HDMI and 1 DVI , run 3 different led screens with different images (EXTENDED DISPLAY) ????

For example i connect one monitor to the HDMI port , second one to the VGA , so will both of them work as an EXTENDED Display ?


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  1. I don't think , it must have more than 1 hdmi/dvi
  2. You should be able to connect primary display to DVI and then do a secondary off the VGA or HDMI. Not sure whether they will all work at the same time though.
  3. hmm then what can i do to have 2 monitors working at the same time displaying as a single virtual extended display ?
  4. Yes that card does support multi-monitor setups. Though specific models of it only support 2 screen setups. Just plug them both in and do the normal desktop extension.
  5. If your CPU/Motherboard support integrated graphics, you could use that as well.

    I currently have a DVI and HDMI connection from my graphics, then a VGA off my motherboard. Cant game across them (wouldn't try to anyway), but it still means I have three screens to use.
  6. Any card which claims eyefinity support will work with 3 monitors.

    The least expensive card at Flipkart claiming that ability is this 6770.

    However if this 6670

    Is the same as THIS 6670:

    Then this card will support 3 monitors.

    However, there is more to understand about this technology, and there may be further investment to get it working. See here:

    You can also get info from AMD, you just need to follow this interactive guide

    If that seems too complicated or expensive, the other option would be to install two 5450s

    But of course, your motherboard has to have two PCI-E slots. Power requirements for those two cards would not be much more than the 6670, and if your power supply can handle one it can handle the the other solution.
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