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Hi Guys,

First time, be gentle.

My current case is bent out of shape, and fans are running crazy and really noisy. I'm looking to upgrade my case and fans but not sure what kind of case will accommodate my motherboard. Also, is there anything other than my motherboard that would affect which case would be compatible? power supply?

My Motherboard - Gigabyte GA MA770T-UD3P v1

I'm not sure on what case I have at the moment but the case I am looking at is a Cool Master CM690

Also, I'm thinking of buying 2x120 noctua fans and installing them to reduce noise

I'm not the most tech savvy bloke in the world so I'm probably going to have to pay someone to do the actual installation into the new case. But Ideally I would like to buy all the parts myself to save from getting ripped off too much.


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  1. That is an ATX motherboard, so it will fit in any case that supports ATX or larger size motherboards.
    Only issues that could come between the case and PSU is if you need a Slim supply, which isnt an issue as that's only required for HTPC cases and Cable length, which also wont be an issue in a mid-tower like this.

    Case swapping isnt that comlicated a task, its largely just a matter of screwing components to the case and plugging things in. If you aren't changing any hardware then it should just boot up without any need to mess with things software wise.

    Would advise these fans instead, much cheaper and will perform just as well. Their about 4 Decibel (23) louder than the Noctua's, but when you consider that dead silence is ~20 Decibel it isn't that much.
  2. Cool,

    Thanks for the reply manofchalk, I'll see how I get on with those fans and that case.
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