Recommended Upgrade from a xfx 6870

Hi guys,

I was planning on running two 6870 in crossfire however my motherboards other pci is only x4 instead of 16. Meaning I won't get the best performance from crossfire, I was wondering what would the best upgrade be from this card in the £300 range? any advise would be great

Thanks A lot

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  1. what ur specs?
  2. How about the Sapphire RADEON HD 7850 OC ?
  3. 7950 if your psu can handle it what make and model do you have please list it
  4. My specs are
    CPU: i5 2500k at 4.2
    Memory Kingston 8gb DDr3
    Mobo: AsRock z68 Pro3
    Power supply Coolermaster gx 550w.

    Sorry for the late reply been very busy with work.


  5. hd7950 is the best option for you. its faster than two 6870 in crossfire and will consume less power. and its really good value right now
  6. Thanks a lot that's a massive help


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