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I feel like a newb, not sure what my options are setting this up.
My issue is figuring out how to get sound to my TV. I do have a theater system that can take HDMI, but I would hate to use my 9,2 system just for games all the time, it is much more pleasant just listening on the TV. After advice from this site, I purchased a Gigabyte Ga-Z77x-ud5h, xfx Radeon HD 7970 3GB and an assortment of other options on a brand new system. I only have the onboard SD sound. I can plug the video card directly to the LED tv with the HDMI cable. Is it possible to get sound to go through the same cable. Or what options do I have? I have a sound card in my old system with HDMI that I can install but my TV wont play two different HDMI inputs at the same time. Can anyone come up with some smarts that I seem to lack? Much appreciated.
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    HDMI can carry a sound signal.
    Should just be a matter of plugging it in and selecting the HDMI device as the default sound output in Control Panel. Done it myself a few times.
  2. So my video card would have the ability to pass sound through to my tv? How does the video card get the sound? I will try it when I get home but I am skeptical.
  3. Yep, graphics cards with a HDMI output (near all of them) do have built in sound chips. My 7870 could give an audio signal to my monitor if I wanted it to (since the monitor has an audio jack), I know it can play audio through my TV.
    Through the PCI-Express slot, you could argue the same thing of sound cards.
  4. Sweet. of that is true, you just made my day. Cant wait to get home and try it.
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