Capture Cards HELP!!!

Hi, i have 2 questions for u guys, u'll help me a lot if u answer them both !!!

1st. Is there such thing as a capture card for a laptop? not for xbox or ps3 streams.
ex. Avermedia has a gamer hd capture card, that captures whatever your playing and takes off 99% of the job off the cpu and u can practically play smooth and stream on good quality. is there such thing for a laptop? maybe usb?? i have an MSI Fx720

2nd. I just bought 2 GoPro Hero2 HD cameras and i wanted to use them to livestream events (sports, social, etc). Can i do it with wireless? the gopro site says they will do a firmware update about it but its been months and nothing... what else do i need? ill have it connected wireless with an asus transformers, the hero does the capturing, the tablet would stream it. the tablet has usb ports, what should i buy to make this work?

please help!

ty in advance :]
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  1. im beggin for help!
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