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Compatibility Check - XFX 6850 vs. XFX NVIDIA GEFORCE 9800 GT


Just want to check if I can run both these cards simultaneously in one pc. I have got the 9800 installed already and want to add the 6850.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. No.
  2. Ok, thanks.

    Will I have to buy another 9800 gt, the same as I have in order to use SLI?
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    Preferably, but it doens't have to be same brand/model. Try to get the same or one with the same clock speeds, mem etc.
  4. Btw, i think i remember a single 6850 is better than 9800 gt sli . . .
  5. Thank you very much I appreciate your help. I think I will just buy two 6850's then and run those SLI.
  6. Err.. the term for AMD is crossfire, not SLI. I think first you should check whether your motherboard support it. And if you're able to buy two 6850, why not go for a single card but higher spec such as 7870 or 7950?
  7. ^+1
  8. Good point! Realized that myself after thinking about it a bit. Did some research too and buying just one higher spec card is better then two lower specs running simultaneously. Thanks again!
  9. Why buy 2 6850? Couldn't you buy a better single card?
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