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Just put Windows XP Pro on my childrens computer. They are young and still like to play games by Mattel, Broderland, Knowledge Adventure,etc. Will they be able to use these games or will I have to reinstall Windows 98SE?
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  1. Either go through trial and error or check out the websights and see if there is any information on WinXP. My niece plays some 5 year old barbie games that were designed for Win95 on my current WinXP machine without any problems.

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  2. Some may run in compatibility mode, I have a similar problem at home, my son wants XP on his as he likes the new apearance of mine (you know what kids are like...) but some older stuff that he plays just doesnt work :(
    As mentioned, trial and error, I suppose you could dual boot, but if your kid is as patient as mine then that is a no-no.

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