How do I set Windows 7 to wake from sleep to do a virus scan (MSE)

Hi everyone. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and I would like to set it so that windows wakes up from sleep when it is time for the scheduled 2am virus scan. I looked at the task scheduler and couldn't figure out what the heck to do. A step by step guide would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I am also looking for a way to do this for backups
  2. In Win 7; in Power Management you must Enable Wake on Timer, you may also have to enable wake on timer in your BIOS. My BIOS also allows me to set the time there - I wouldnt do that until trying Task Scheduler first.

    You then use Task Scheduler to wake up the system and run your task.

    Other OS' you will have to experiment a little but the settings will be similar....
  3. Ok... wake on timer is enabled.... but I have no clue how to "use Task Scheduler to wake up the system and run your task". Do I need to know the executable name for the virus scan process and add that of is there an easier way? Again, since MSE is such a common program, I was hoping someone could provide the exact steps. I don't have hours to mess around trying to figure this out. Thanks for the help. Also, I plan to install Norton Ghost to backup my C: partition to a seperate drive every night... will that process be the same?

  4. You access task scheduler via Computer Management (Right-click Computer, select "Manage"). When you create a task you can specify "Wake the computer to run this task" on the "Conditions" tab.

    The task you need to run is called "MPCmdRun.exe" - it's a command-line utility included with MSE that lets you specify what to scan. For example, the following command will perform a full scan:

    MpCmdRun.exe -Scan -2

    Here's some more information on MpCmdRun:
  5. So do I need to disable "ask for logon after waking from sleep" or can I leave this option on?
  6. The task should be able to run even if the system wakes up and sits there waiting for a password prompt. The password prompt blocks access to the desktop via the screen but it doesn't stop active tasks from doing work (except for those that are waiting for user input).

    But I'd test it just to be sure.
  7. I had to manually add a task for Windows 7.

    Oddly, Windows XP has the task added, but it's hidden. To top it off, Microsoft has the power management options NOT set to wake the PC. I'd say that's an oversight.
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