Best GPU for 1440 x 900

Please don't ask me to get a better monitor and here are my expectations

BF3 @ at least 60fps full rez
Future proof for at least 4 years
Length less then 263mm or 10.4 inches
Budget is upto $300
Thanks! :bounce:
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  1. Specs, specs and more specs please.
  2. specs
  3. I'm not sure but 7750 is enough for that resolution and there's nothing future proof.

    I have 6670 GDDR5 and a 17" 1440x900 LCD, It runs great. Except in GTA IV, It's bottlenecked.
  4. neither HD6670 nor HD7750 will give you 60fps in BF3 at that resolution. since your budget is quite accomodating i would recommend a MINIMUM of HD7850 or comparable GTX560 at 1440*900..if you can afford GTX660 go for it..its a great card ..will serve you well for years to come .. AT 1440*900 ie..
  5. gamerkila57 said:

    Indeed !

    And a 660 won't give 60 fps if he runs a Pentium D 1.2Ghz . . .

    So ; pc specs pleazzze.
  7. Looks like we won't get them.
    Maybe he's looking for a better monitor first.
  8. Well, I'll just say that @ 1280X1024, I get 40-50FPS in Skyrim with my 965 BE (Albeit with no AA and X8 AF. No need for AA at a res that high IMO.)
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