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Ok so i really want to buy a 660ti, but where i live in new zealand it will cost me 600NZD. Newegg price is 400nzd but i cant get it shipped to new zealand. does anyone know a website i can buy a 600ti for a similar price and get it shipped to new zealand, preferably at a low cost?
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  1. 468 is the lowest i found so far ;
  2. GreenDutchAlien said:
    468 is the lowest i found so far ;

    Newegg price for the evga superclock version is 300US, which is $376 new zealand. so i may have been exagerating a bit but its still a $100 difference. it will be much cheaper to buy from the states, all i need is a site that can ship internationally
  3. I understand your concern -- mind that you have to add shippment and governamental taxes on the top of the US price. Usually it end up costing you around the same as you´d get it from your country.
  4. Forget it mate.
    The Yankees pay much less then the rest of the world, due to taxes they don't have to pay. ( or less anyway ) Lucky b.......
    Even if you would find a site the shipping costs would probably be very high.


    Shipping to Australia is 42 dollar :( To New Zealand it says you have to contact, bla, bla, bla
  5. OK so has a hd7950 for 300US, which in theory i should be charged import tax for as it is under 400NZD. shipping is 25NZD but amazon still tries to charge me 80 dollars for tax? why? its under the tariff threshold for new zealand so i cant see why they are going to charge me, is this because amazon isnt doing it right?
  6. Euh, ask them ?

    Really don't know nothing from international taxes and rules etc.
  7. ok so shhipping cost is $25, pretty good. The tax they charge is passed on to the person who brings the goods into the country, so that if it is taxed they can pay it on my behalf without the item being held up in customs. if there is no import tariff the amount charged for import fees will be refunded, meaning a hd7950 will cost me $425 posted, much cheaper than the $500-600 it would cost me here. too bad the 660ti is $4 over the tax threshold, costing me an extra $60 to buy it
  8. Well, according to some the 7950 is better anyway.
    Good luck with the card :)
  9. Thanks, might still try and get the 660 ti if i can, just so i get borderlands 2. The comparison with physx on and off convinced me
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