EVGA GTX 660 Ti Vs. MSI GTX 660 Ti

Im choosing between msi gtx 660 ti and evga gtx 660ti
which card is louder?

^^ In this review the msi card and evga card are both the same noise.

The evga card has a short PCB so how does it do in cable management?
I dont really care about the temps of the card because i wont OC, i only care about noise and cable management.

I need answers ASAP!

MSI - http://msi.com/product/vga/N660Ti-PE-2GD5-OC.html
EVGA - http://www.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=02G-P4-3660-KR&family=GeForce%20600%20Series%20Family&sw=

Thank You.
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  1. Cable management will be the same.

    The short PCB doesnt mean much, just that the actual hardware is contained in a smaller space. The cooler/heatsink, which makes up the size of the card, would be the same.

    I would go with MSI. Non-reference cooling is quieter (or at least a better sound) than reference, and MSI will give you a lot more options going forward.
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