System random freezing

alright as said in thread description my system is freezing but before I ask any questions I would like to explain to you my problem as I have seen it:)

it all started a month or so ago (not sure why) I was playing minecraft and listening to music(no big deal) and all the sudden my pc isn't responding and my headphones are buzzing. so I am thinking bad video/sound driver?...restarted pc.. changed both ran minecraft and music (just as before) nothing happens so I figured it's fixed you know whatever then about 4-5 days later it happens again so I am thinking (what is this!?)
before I continue I will show you my specs

i7 quad core(3820)
8gb 1600mh ram gskill
6970 amd video card
ssd 128gb and three other hdd's
asrock extream 6 mobo
and a hyper 212 cpu cooler
xfx 850w power supply

so as far as hardware my pc is plenty powerfull enough to play minecraft and listen to music... btw minecraft and my music are on my ssd:) so hard drives aren't involved
it would totally suck monkey balls if it turns out to be hardware (I hate rma!) anyway that's why I am here....

I can't recreate the freezing it's if it was hardware wouldn't I be able to recreate it?
I have stress tested my pc for hours and hours unable to recreate the freezing and then one day it happens on something as silly as minecraft and music
it has happened once while watching you-tube videos....It doesn't make any sense
I have changed the following drivers
java runtime(I think it's a plugin for online streaming of videos and such)
amd drivers for 6970
adobe flash 11 activex and plugin
sound quality from 98000hz 24bit studio to 48000hz 16bit dvd

I think that is it I will update this page if I remember anything else:)

thanks to all those who will read this and respond with an answer!
any help would be great:)
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  1. so I changed from my on board sound card to a plug-n-play usb chip...
    the reason for this is there's been complaints on other forums about inboard sound cards not working and sometimes freezing the entire system though I haven't found any complaints for my mobo on this particular problem...
    so I am testing it and will let you know if it works:)
    but in the mean time any other idea's would be great thanks:)
  2. no one is responding so... this because it's obvious?
    or is everybody stumped?
    or is it because my question doesn't make sense?

    I have looked in the forums...really... but ether the method for fixing said problem didn't work or the symptoms didn't match

    so I made my own in hopes of finding a cure

    sorry and thank you in advance:)
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