Screen tearing issue

Hey brothers. For quite a time now i'm experiencing horrible screen tearing and got no idea what can i do about it. Basically the screen got problem everywhere, when i'm at windows and scroll there are those strips, like refreshing is too slow... In games i get decent fps 40-60 in full hd with high/very high settings but even with stable 60fps the tearing exist. Another symptom is kinda of a blurry textures, or edges, or whatever... It's like... Graphics are generally very fine but something makes textures distorted, it's not noticeable from far away, but when you are a gamer you definietely notice that kind of a thing.

My pc spec:

C2D E8600 3.2
2gb ram
Win xp
old ass mobo
old ass psu

First i thought it's LCD's fault, but i bought new one and nothing changed. Obviously i've tried turning v-sync on, forcing it thru nvidia panel, setting AA max, trying with other options but neither had any impact on the tearing and distorted textures. And as i said, it's also always there while im at windows.

Tried older and newest drivers.

Any ideas? I can provide later on gameplay with those effects shown.
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  1. I'm assuming new LCD came with new cable?

    It's possible seeing as you have old ass GPU as well that the card could be dying. If cleaning doesn't help then a new GPU might be in order. How old of a PSU?
  2. PSU is 4-5 years... I bought new cable.
  3. I tried the oven baking method as seen on youtube, on an old evga 8800gtx to my suprise the card worked for six months then it started do the same thing, artifacts, lines distoration. Just replaced the video card I got off ebay. This is an old system so I did not go with a new card.
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