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looking at upgrading current system need some input. Trying to keep it on a super tight budget say under $200. Really dont play too much on pc anymore but would like to play skyrim on pc (much better than 360 IMO played on bros $1500 pc and was amazed) and company of heroes 2 when that comes out. Here is my current system.

amd 64x2 4800 @ 2.5
4 gigs ddr2 800
ati 3870 512mb
windows 7 64 bit
an ecs mobo socket am2
550w psu
17" monitor max res 1280x1024
am building off an hp prebuilt machine i bought 4-5 years ago now. would like to say my cpu is holding me back more than anything considering of my monitor resolution let me know what you guys think i should do. was kinda maybe thinking bout getting older core 2 8400 (@ $45 off bay) mobo $50 off bay and could still use my ddr2 ram than maybe get ati 7750?
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  1. For your budget your plan is as good as any.
  2. Have you tried a demo of those games? I think you could probably play them at 1280x1024 with medium or low settings at 30fps now.

    Switching to an E8400 is not going to give you a meaningful CPU bump and you'd just waste money on more obsolete hardware. If anything, the only thing I would do is get a newer graphics card and the fastest affordable CPU for your socket.

    A Radeon 5770 would rock for that monitor resolution and they go for cheap on ebay. I am having a hard time selling mine for $50 right now.

    YOu'd have to check your board's specs, but I think you could run a X2 6000+ which is a 3Ghz dual core. That comes pretty close to the Core 2 Duos that you were looking. But that's only worth it if you can find it for cheap.
  3. If you have a local MicroCenter near you, I'd seriously recommend hitting them up and doing one of their AMD CPU+Motherboard Combos. You can get an FX4100 or a PII X4 965 with a motherboard for under $100 which is pretty unbeatable. Plop maybe $20-30 worth of DDR 3 (4GB) and then a low-end to mid-range card and you'd be fairly well off. It's hard to recommend a card with that 64 X2.
  4. I like in AZ so no microcenters. We do have frys and have been searching their adds for some deals. the most my board with accept is 65w cpu's so i think the max i can go is a 64x2 5400? wouldnt really be worth it imo. and yea i have played skyrim on my system on lowest settings, 1024x768 and was barely getting 25fps
  5. x2 5400 is going to be like a 10% CPU bump.

    If you are only getting 25fps, then you are definitely CPU bound. Your 3870 is about as powerful as a 5570 or a GT240 which was doing quite well on these benchmarks at 1280x1024 medium (with a nice i5 CPU),3074-4.html

    If you could go $250, then I think you'd have some good options like a Pentium G640, cheap H61 Mobo, 4GB DDR3 and a used 5770.
  6. Okay, how's this:

    all at newegg:
    Pentium G850: $70
    ECS H61H2-M1: $30 (after rebate)
    Kingston HyperX T1 Series 8GB: $26 after rebate

    That leaves $74 for a video card. If you can stretch to a 7770, I would. If not, find a used 5770 like I mentioned above which should be easy under $75.
  7. was act looking at the the pentium saw it was picked in toms top cpus for $ this past month maybe ill just wait to see if there are any hot deals with black friday coming up
  8. I see 1 potential problem you are using a pre built system. Did your operating system come with your computer? If it did you would have to keep your current mobo. or get a new OS. I would suggest you try and save a little more money. Some prebuilts are very difficult to reuse the case if you were to swap mobos. Another plan if you had a little more is get a prebuilt on sale and throw in a gpu or look for a used system.

    I also thought that skyrim was built for consoles and was even. They messed with the controls imo it was a wash save mods.
  9. If you want to keep your budget tigh the best option right now is an APU from AMD A8 5600K, Asrock A75 mobo and 4 gigs of 1866mhz ram
  10. jack yes i do have a copy of windows 7(prebuilt system came with vista) also if the mobo wont fit in a case have found some used cases for dirt cheap on craigslist. I have played skyrim on 360 and played on bros computer on ultra and 360 cant even compare plus personally think an rpg should be played on a pc. Think kinda torn between intel and amd just seems like intel's dual core are performing better than amd's quads now aka pentium 850's beating out quad core amd's
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