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Hi, this is my first time posting because I have always been able to find it in the search! However. I am having a very specific problem that I hope you guys will be able to help me out with.

Basically the problem I am having is with both connection issues and download speeds in regards to the wireless connection. Sometimes I get the full speed (around 10Mbps) other times it will slow to crawl (around .05-.5Mbps). These speeds are based on speedtest.net. My connection always shows up at Sometimes I cannot get my computer to connect, and this happens even from a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit. I suspected my encore USB adapter so I purchased a Linksys PCI adapter to see if this would solve the problem, it seems to be better but I still have issues. Every other computer in my house connects and download fine, this includes my laptop running Windows 7 my dads desktop which runs windows vista and even my iPhone will have higher download speeds than my computer. I have also tried changing the security settings, odd thing is in ad-hoc I can only get the computers to connect if the desktop creates it without security. Any other setting will not work.

Even when setting up an ad-hoc between my computer and laptop I have slow speeds, maxing out at 1.5Mbps if im lucky, usually much lower like 400Kbps. So basically I am not sure of which step I need to take next.

Any information that will help I have Windows 7 64bit, a linksys WMP110 wireless G PCI adapter. This is on a pretty much fresh install of windows on a new machine. A wired connection always gives me good consistent speeds, but obviously I would prefer to be on the wireless, and it seems to be the computer itself considering ad-hoc is slow as well.

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you guys can give me.
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  1. Hi there i would recommend using something as an access point, ad-hoc i feel is a bit meh, try something like a Ubiquity Pico 2 good range and coverage and easy to setup that way you have a small easy to mount ap that should give you decent speeds+coverage. Could be a hardware problem different wifi products dont usually like each other, hope this helps :D
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